Thursday, 30 October 2014

Birthday Cake Extravaganza!!!

I always refer to October as being the best month of the year, normally because it's my Birthday month and so it's generally a happy time. But this October has been super special!!! Why, you ask?! Because the cake choices were beyond what I had anticipated...I enjoyed so much cake / desserts (see picture above), I can't wait for my birthday to roll around again, so I have another excuse to consume so much, and pass it off as being my birthday month! 

(Okay imagine me whispering to you now!) I even had evenings out where I ate 2 desserts at one meal seating - naughty me!!! But it was so worth it...first I went to the Manor House in Wanstead where I literally couldn't decide which dessert to have, and since my friends were having coffee with their desserts, and I'm not a coffee drinker I thought why not have what I really want - more cake! So treacle tart and chocolate brownies it was :-)

There was also a night of bowling...where although the food wasn't amazing at the Volti Noti restaurant, having 2 desserts (a mistake on their part!) And birthday cake more than made it alright. I can't even mention all the other "extra" cakes I have eaten this month, although I must say that my Hubby did satisfy my new "Red Velvet" obsession with a cupcake from the Buttercup Cake Shop too. I had a great month of catching up with my "lady friends" and eating my age (sorry I'm not relieving!) in cake/dessert/chocolate/pastries.....

Friday, 10 October 2014

Cake-tastic Time At The Cake & Bake Show!!

I cannot describe to you the excitement I felt at arriving at the annual Cake & Bake Show! It was like all my cake dreams had come true...the displays and range were incredible, and had me oooing and ahhing!

The vast array of stalls, made choosing all the the more harder and we couldn't help stopping to take in the beautiful layouts. It would have also been rude not to sample the goods on offer! The exhibits that really drew our attention were places like; The Little Round Cake Company  who had so much choice, I physically struggled to decide on the flavours, but opted for the White Chocolate & Raspberry, Apple Crumble, Sticky Toffee and Blackforest. Another stall I couldn't resist was Eat N Mess Cakes, their danity cupcakes and pie slices looked too cute! We also bumped into the odd celebrity or two at the show's cooking classes (namely Eric Lanlard!) 

I didn't want to leave Hubby and Baby Boy out of my cake adventure, and I didn't have to look for we came upon a local Jamaican-inspired bakery who had Mango and Chilli cupcakes - right up Hubby's street! Then there was the stall called Sponge who had adorable 7" cakes, a chocolate cake for Baby Boy was in order (he loves chocolate already!!)  

That wasn't all on offer - there were non-cake stalls (yes at a cake show!) But they were serving some great treats, especially Supreme Sausages and The Flour Station. My friend fell in love with the delights of both of these stalls, and carried home many indulgences from both! So all in all we have a fabulous time - roll on next year!!!