Tuesday, 19 August 2014

World's Most Expensive Cupcake!

Okay so there are not many cakes that make me go "Wow", but when a friend sent this little beauty to me...I was beyond "Wowsers!!" Not because I thought it was exceptionally beautiful (although it is striking), but because of the eye-watering price attached to it...£540! Yes you read right, this birthday cake masterpiece cost more than many people's monthly shopping bill.

As you know I adore cake like no other, but even I would struggle to part with hundreds for something that could be consumed in less than 10 mouthfuls!

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Not Cake Related: Brownies Leader of The Pack!

So this is in no way cake related!! But I couldn't help myself - I have had the privilege this week of having an article written about little ol' me in the weekly Voice newspaper. The article focuses on the diversity of Girlguiding Leaders and Brownies turning 100 years old this year!

It was such a flattering and positive article, that I couldn't NOT mention it and the lovely journalist - Dionne Grant that wrote it. So although it isn't directly linked to cake - it's definitely worth celebrating with cake!!! :-)